Mainetti 484 Recycled, 17" Black Plastic, Shirt Top Dress Hangers, with turnable metal hook and notches for straps

  • The 484 is a 17" Black plastic top hanger, good for shirts, sweaters, dresses and anything with straps. The metal hook is silver color and completely turnable.
  • The arm notches keep all of your strappy garments secure. With a slim profile, perfect for space-saving solutions.
  • Made of recycled plastic this hanger is your "green" option. The 484 is perfect for home or retail use. These hangers are GS1/VICS compliant and meet all specifications for size, weight, safety and strength.
  • Using identical hangers creates a sleek organized look, transforming your closet from chaos to coordinated. With this value pack your closet will maintain the look you always wished for. See the difference!
  • Style: 484BRSEMN10
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Chan S.
Quick response

Quick response, thank you the products we received are excellent

Daniel R.
Great hangers at a great price

They're sturdy enough to where I believe they'll hold up over time. The price point is very good. They're not thick plastic, they do flex a bit. But, for me, it helps get the shirts on and off the hangers quicker because the little bit of flex means I often times don't have to undo the second button, etc. I think they're outstanding value for businesses, particularly eCommerce businesses who sell a lot of clothing.

Trudy I.
Listed as recycled but appear to be brand new!

These hangers are perfect for just about any shirt, sweater, dress, lightweight jacket, etc. The cutouts allow me to hang items with shoulder straps without the garment slipping off the hanger. There are also slightly raised notches along the top of the hanger, from the cutout to the end of the hanger, that help to keep garments in place. The swivel hanger is a very nice feature as well, since I can hang garments all facing one way without having to think about it when putting my garments on the hangers. The loop on the bottom of the hanger allows me to hang the bottom garment with the top garment, making it easy to hang outfits together. And it also allows me to hang more garments in my closet, as the bottom hanger isn’t taking up space on the rail in my closet. If you like a well organized closet like I do, these hangers and their companion bottom hangers are a necessity. I would not attempt to hang heavy things like winter coats on these hangers as they are not designed to hold very heavy garments. A nice wooden hanger would work best for those. Since I was organizing two closets, I bought enough to get the free shipping. They were less expensive than similar hangers on other sites. Especially when you add shipping. I absolutely recommend both these top hangers, and the companion bottom hangers. They shipped quickly, and were well packaged. Not a single broken hanger in the lot.

Olubunmi A.

Not bad. Serve the purpose I needed it for.

Beverly W.

Could have been more thicker but they will work

Johanna B.
Exactly what I looked for.

They all look the same, clean and perfect. They look like new. Packed well as well. Exactly the same a picture.