Garment covers in many colors, sizes, and materials. Hang up and zip up your clothes to keep them looking fresh and protected without taking up too much space.

Garment Covers

At Mainetti, we offer garment covers in many colors, sizes, and materials. Keep your clothes safe and protected, retaining their fresh looks while saving ... READ MORE

Garment covers in many colors, sizes, and materials. Hang up and zip up your clothes to keep them looking fresh and protected without taking up too much space.

Garment Covers

At Mainetti, we offer garment covers in many colors, sizes, and materials. Keep your clothes safe and protected, retaining their fresh looks while saving space. Also known as clothing cover or hanging garment bags, our covers are usually made of plastic, transparent PVC visual window, and can include a standard single piece or multi-piece design. We have a large stock of garment storage bags and we offer our products for any order size, including wholesale. Whether you are a clothing store, a dry cleaner, or an individual, we have just the right sizes, designs, and colors to meet your unique needs. Keep your clothing classification clearer, wardrobe cleaner, or protect your in-store products from moisture, insects, and dust with the right selection from us.

Applications of Garment Covers

Our plastic garment covers are made to provide protection to clothing in stores or when kept in your closet, or during traveling, moving, or shipping. Our products come with moisture-resistant zippers and the materials are safe for all types of fabrics. Our clothes cover protector collection is made to address different types of applications. Hang suits, outerwear, sweaters, or medium/long windbreakers. You can use our garment bags for home storage, dry cleaner shop, office changing, clothing store, or washing service place. They are also suited for reuse at home.

Dry Cleaner Shops

Once the clothes have been dry cleaned, you can use our garment rack covers to place the clothes in. The covers will protect the clothing, offer convenience to everyone including customers, and save costs.

Household Usage

When you store clothes every time the season changes, keep your expensive and valued clothing, such as suit garment, in covers. Using covers before placing your clothing in the wardrobe can help you protect them from the elements.

Protect your out-of-season clothing by keeping them in covers. Use our clothing storage bags to prevent your clothes from attracting moths or other insects, or dust settling on them over the months when you will not be wearing them.

Office Changing

You can also use these covers to bag clothes that you take to your workplace. Switch between your work and casual clothes, while preserving the latter.


Travelers can use our clothes dust cover to keep their dresses, suits, shirts, and blouses wrinkle-free while they are traveling. You can hang the covers in your vehicle, in flight, or stored in your luggage.

Shipping or Moving

Your clothing will need protection when your belongings are being shipped or moved to another place. Using high quality Mainetti garment storage bag cover is an excellent way to protect your special or expensive clothes during transit. When your clothes reach the destination, they can hang right out of the box.

Using our garment covers, you can prevent moisture from causing damage to your clothes on rainy days. Some types of fabrics are more sensitive to moisture and can develop watermarks. They can be more vulnerable when they leave the dry cleaners to return to your home.

Our Bags Garment Cover Materials

Our clothes dust cover collection is made of high quality materials that bring durability, strength, and longevity. The commonly used materials include the following:

  • Plastic: Plastic has traditionally been used as a dust cover. It is because the material was effective at protecting clothing from dust. It is different from other forms of fabrics in not having any tiny holes. If you want to have dustproof clothes that stay protected from insects, plastic garment covers can be just the right options for you.
  • Vinyl Taffeta: We also offer vinyl taffeta dress garment covers and they are versatile in their benefits. This type of vinyl is affordable and works as excellent material for creating high-quality and reliable zippered garment bags. Once the garments are stored in these bags, they will keep looking like new. This type of vinyl is unique in that it has the look and feel of a fabric, but without the weight.

Benefits of Using Our Suit Bag

Whether it is to store your expensive suits or any other clothing item and whether it is for household use or for your clothing store, dry cleaner shop, or any other commercial establishment, we have just the right bags cover for you.  There are many benefits of using our high-quality bags garment cover. This includes the following:

i. Clothing Protection

Hanging clothing, whether in a closet, dry cleaning shop, or a clothing store, is vulnerable to all forms of environmental damages. Different types of insects can get into your expensive clothing and cause irreparable damage. Without proper protection, your stored clothes can come in contact with moisture. This can cause mold formation, ruining the fabric. Gradually, your wardrobe can fade or yellow due to oxidation.

Considering all these potential damages, it is important to protect any form of stored clothing, including your expensive suit garment, using the right type of garment covers. We have the right size and type of covers to help you, whether you want to protect your clothing for everyday use or want to keep certain pieces fresh for special occasions.

ii. Convenient & Hassle-Free Traveling

Just because you are traveling, it doesn’t mean that you don’t have to look great. With our clothes dust cover collection, your dress clothes can continue looking great no matter where you are going. It doesn't matter if you are an extensive traveler.

We have special garment bags designed to help you get your clothes safely wherever you are going. These covers are different from suitcases in that they don’t cause any wrinkling as you are traveling. There are many times when you don’t want to fold and shuffle your suit into a bag or suitcase.

iii. Better Clothing Organization

Our garment rack cover collection can also make it easier for you to organize your closet. There are a number of benefits in this regard:

  • It can become easier to match your clothes when using our clothes cover
  • You will know exactly where your clothes are, preventing them from mixing together
  • Place the pieces into the clothes cover protector based on type and style, and mark them to separate the items.
  • Place your out-of-season clothes into the plastic garment covers and hang them on the rack in your closet.
  • Put all the matching clothes and accessories in one place.

Once the clothing and accessories are ready to be used, all you will have to do is take out the bag. This is both convenient and time-saving.

At Mainetti, we offer all types and sizes of garment covers to address your specific needs. Most of our offerings are available in a wide range of color options. Whether you intend to color code different items or you prefer looks, you can choose the colors based on your needs. If you want to learn more about our garment storage bag cover collection, give us a call at 828-844-0105 or write to us.