Suit Hangers

Your suit spends more time in your closet than on your shoulders. It is important to consider what your expensive suits rest on for days, if not for months. So, it is important to choose quality suit hangers that keep your suits in sha... READ MORE

Suit Hangers

Your suit spends more time in your closet than on your shoulders. It is important to consider what your expensive suits rest on for days, if not for months. So, it is important to choose quality suit hangers that keep your suits in shape without interfering with their construction or causing creases. At Mainetti, we offer a large selection of hangers that maintain the integrity and elegance of your suits. Explore our selection of hangers in different materials, designs, and sizes to find the perfect pieces for your suits.

Importance of Perfect Suit Hangers

When it comes to your expensive suits, the right types of hangers are important to protect them from having droopy shoulders or stretched collars. You cannot just use wire hangers for them because they are not shaped like the actual shoulders. You should select hangers that are designed to fit your clothes and that prevent bumps and lumps in the suit’s shoulders.

We meet these specific requirements with our vast collection of suit and suit pants hangers. Suits require proper support when they are hung. If the right support is not provided, they can get damaged. You can choose from a wide range of styles in different materials to match your suit’s needs.

Our Suit Hangers Selection

When it comes to our product line, we always strive to offer products that are the absolute best. We offer the best suit hangers to offer the highest degree of care for your suit. We understand that you spent a lot of time and money on your clothes, and we provide you with the right suit, pant hangers, skirt hangers, shirt hangers, and coat hangers to keep it that way.

All our products are made using the finest materials without any room for compromises. A look at our product line will provide you insights into the amount of time and effort we put in:

  • Suit hanger with flocked bar
  • Velvet suit hanger
  • Wooden suit bar
  • Wooden suit hanger with metal clips
  • Rubber coated wooden suit hanger
  • Contoured wooden suit hanger
  • Acrylic suit hanger

The Perfect Suit Hanger

Some of the best suit hangers are carefully crafted out of wood. Our wooden hangers are available in pleasing dark wood tones. Suits are as unique as the people wearing them are and it is important your wooden suit hanger match this. This is why we go beyond the material and design and also offer different sizes. Size and design are important to ensure your suit shoulders get the required support along their length, helping avoid any sagging.

Some of the key features required in a suit clothing hanger are as follows:

  • These hangers are always designed to be wider at the shoulders while tapering towards the neck.
  • The shoulders need support and all the components need to be kept in place.
  • The suit jacket hanger should reduce stress on the shoulder pads to keep them pert.

We also offer plastic hanger and other types of space saving hangers. Shape is an important consideration. It is important that the shape works with your suit’s contours, ensuring that everything stays where it needs to be.

How to Choose Perfect Suit Hanger?

When you have the perfect suit hangers, it becomes easy to preserve your expensive suits. Our collection of suit clothing hangers is made of heavy duty and durable materials. The products have crease-free features and the shape required to support the outline of your suit. When it comes to making the right choice, the shape, material, size, and durability are important factors to consider.

Our range of hangers is also available in an array of wood types, finishes, and widths. Sizing is an important factor because the choice of improper size can result in your suit becoming deformed or getting damaged over time. Most suits come with shoulder padding, making it important to choose hangers that effectively support it. The padding cannot be stretched beyond a certain limit.

We suggest avoiding thin wire hangers. Even when your suit comes home from a dry cleaner in a thin hanger, you should move it to a proper-fitting hanger designed specifically for its shape, size, and weight. We don’t want you to ruin your great clothes with non-matching or poor-quality hangers.

  • A proper suit jacket hanger will be used for hanging a jacket and matching trouser sets.
  • It must provide be fully contoured and feature a large shoulder flare that optimizes shoulder support.
  • We offer designs with trouser bar that are felted or flocked to prevent any creasing.
  • Width is also a key factor for providing optimal support.
  • Suit hangers must extend up to but not beyond the point where the sleeve meets the shoulder.

Suit Hangers with Flocked Bar

Our collection of suit hangers with flocked bars features a solid frame covered in a softshell. These hangers have similarities to padded hangers, but offer a greater level of durability. Some of the key features of these models are as follows:

  • These are thinner than other options and are classified as slim hangers.
  • They provide a combination of protection and stability for your clothes.
  • The slim design makes them the perfect hangers to save space in your closet.
  • They hold their shape well and have very less chances of bending.

All these features make flocked hangers perfect for hanging heavier clothing such as suits.

Velvet Suit Hanger

Our velvet coat hangers prevent deformation or wrinkling. Some of the key benefits of these models are as follows:

  • The velvet hanger surface and notched shoulders help prevent slipping
  • Sturdy design that can hold a lot of weight
  • There are slim hangers to help you optimize the closet space
  • The soft texture will not damage or snag the delicate clothing
  • Check out our suit jacket velvet hangers with clips that can hold pants or skirts with ease

You can also find models with notches that can securely hold thin shoulder straps in place.

Wooden Suit Bar

Wood hangers, when compared to other options, tend to be better both in terms of looks and durability. However, these advantages can vary based on the wood species being used. Still, the benefits of wooden hangers can go beyond aesthetics. Wood is often considered the ideal material for making the best suit hangers. So, what are the different benefits of choosing our wooden hangers for your suits?

  • These hangers have traditionally been known for their width
  • They are also good at retaining their shape well over time
  • You can choose wood hangers to hang even the heaviest of suits without worrying about them sagging or snapping
  • These hangers can last much longer

While a wooden suit hanger tends to cost more than a plastic hanger, having a hanger that lasts much longer will help you save money over the long term. Besides, there are varieties of wood that may provide natural properties that repel pests and absorb moisture, thus protecting your expensive suits. We recommend our selection of wood coat hangers for hanging heavier clothing or pieces that need to hold onto their shape. Wood is also a great addition to a closet where looks are important as well.

Acrylic Suit Hanger

We also offer high quality and heavy duty acrylic suit hangers that can be perfect for displays. This collection is better suited for clothing stores. Our elegant selection can draw your customers’ attention and encourage them to try your clothing. These hangers are sturdy even when they are thinner and can support the suit’s weight. Our collection of acrylic hangers makes the best boutique hangers, helping you maintain the shape of your garments. We can design special models with notches, clips, and other features to add convenience to their usage.

At Mainetti, we provide a complete range of suit hangers to address your unique needs. Whether you are a retailer or individual, we have the collection, dedication, and experience to deliver on your specific needs. We are sure you will find the right material, size, and design for your closet organizing goals. If you want to learn more about our product offerings, feel free to get in touch with us. You can reach us at 828-844-0105 or send us your queries from our Contact Page.