Mainetti 6012 Recycled, 12" Black Plastic, Pant Skirt Slack Bottom Hangers, with turnable metal hook, sturdy plastic non-slip clips

  • The 6012 is a 12" Black plastic bottom hanger, good for pants, skirts, slacks and shorts. The metal hook is silver color and completely turnable. The sturdy clips keep all of your garments secure, no slipping here.
  • Made of recycled plastic this hanger is your "green" option.
  • The 6012 is perfect for home or retail use. These hangers are GS1/VICS compliant and meet all specifications for size, weight, safety and strength. 
  • Using identical hangers creates a sleek organized look, transforming your closet from chaos to coordinated. With this value pack your closet will maintain the look you always wished for. See the difference!
  • Style: 6012BRSEMN
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These are not what I received. The ones I received are nicer!

While the hangers I received are stamped Mainetti, and 6012, they are nicer looking than these. There is no metal piece, and they appear to be sturdier, though only time will tell. The website lists them as recycled, but the ones I received appear to be brand new. They were shipped quickly, and well packed. Not a single broken hanger in the boxes. I definitely recommend both these, and the companion shirt hangers, which also appear to be new. With these hanger sets not only does my closet look much neater, I can get more in it with the hangers connected. These are an absolute bargain at this price as well. Everywhere else I shopped was charging a lot more for them. Especially when shipping is added.

Purpose achieved

These hangers are for our clients who shop for free clothing in our donation store. Clothes are hung on racks by volunteers and by utilizing these hangers, we present a more professional feel and our clients feel like they are truly “shopping”.