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February 02, 2018

Mainetti hangers

Here at Mainetti, we live and breathe high-quality clothing solutions. Our philosophy revolves around the notion that a hanger is so much more than a functional tool: it’s a sales pitch, an accessory, it’s part of your display. That's why each of our garment hangers is designed and manufactured attentively, giving your clothes the presentation they deserve.

Our Mainetti hangers are synonymous with quality. We’ve been designing and creating them since 1961, serving global brands and fashion outlets all over the world, making us the most trusted provider in the industry.

Whether you’re looking for trendy display hangers to spruce up your racks, classic swivel hangersto store your suits, or  to keep your garments in shape, we’ve got you covered.

Luxury solutions at affordable prices

Like you, we know that high-quality clothing deserves proper care. Unlike many other providers, we don’t believe luxury garment hangers should break the bank. Here at Mainetti, you can choose from thousands of in-stock display hangers or create personalized, custom solutions that incorporate your brand and message, all while staying within your budget.

Here’s how it works:

  • Take a look around our website. Grab a cup of coffee and stay awhile.
  • Browse our selection of garment hangers, including wholesale wooden hangers, non-slip hangers, ergonomic swivel hangers, lightweight plastic hangers, premium display hangers and more.
  • Purchase any number of Mainetti hangers from our in-stock designs, be it 20 or 220. Take advantage of our bulk prices or get in touch to place a custom order.
  • Choose from a selection of materials, colors, textures and customizing features to make your garment hangers truly unique.

Let our hangers take care of your clothes, so you don’t have to

We don’t need to preach the benefits of hanging your clothes rather than folding them, but here’s what we believe: a garment hanger is more than just a functional tool, it has the power to alter your customers' perceptions. The right hanger will give your clothing shape and let it hang-wrinkle-free, but it will also enhance its overall quality and design.

The benefits of using Mainetti hangers include:

  • Neat, organized clothing racks: no more time-consuming searches.
  • Easier rack navigation: enhance the customer experience with easier browsing.
  • Safe storage: know that your clothes will remain protected in storage.
  • No wrinkles: making your clothes neater and more appealing.
  • Custom fit: all our garment hangers are designed for different clothing types and sizes for optimum presentation.
  • No dust marks: with our non-slip hangers, you can wave goodbye to dust marks and stains from garments falling off their hangers.
  • Save space: our garment hangers are designed to be ergonomic and space-saving, so you'll get more out of your storage and display areas. See our plastic hangers and Italian fusion hangers for more information.
  • Pro-longed garment life: All our garment hangers are extremely durable, prolonging the life of your garments. See our scratch-resistant plastic hangers in bulk and robust, durable bulk buywooden hangers for more information.

Image source: Pexels

Who are Mainetti hangers for?

Mainetti hangers are for clothing-lovers, designers and sellers around the world. Whether you own a global clothing franchise, an online startup or a closet filled to breaking point, we know how important it is that your clothing stays in shape.


Mainetti hangers are designed with both the retailer and the customer in mind, addressing three key areas: affordability, design and space. You can order a wood hangers bulk collection and receive a premium, space-saving product that won't blow your budget. Our garment hangers make customer and rack navigation easy. What’s more, their solid construction also means they will last longer without showing signs of wear and tear.

Brand Owners

When it comes to branding, every detail is important – from the shape of the garment to the color of the display hanger. Make an impression with our stylish wooden clothes hangers, available in natural, walnut, black or white; or give your garments a modern look with our Italian fusion line.


You don’t have to own a brand or clothing store to take advantage of our unique offering. Own a suit you want to keep in mint condition? Try our premium swivel hangers to keep your clothes looking crisp. We also create space-saving, ergonomic plastic hangers and natural wooden hangers for suits, jackets, tops, dresses, bottoms, and top and bottoms.

Why Mainetti?

Like you, our passion is finding innovative solutions to meet and exceed our customers’ needs. We have operations in 50 locations across six continents, producing over six billion hangers and accessories each year.

We’re an end-to-end provider, meaning everything from the design to the manufacture of our hangers is taken care of in-house. We work with some of the finest retailers and biggest global brand names in the industry, bringing love, care and experience to everything we do – from the smallest order to the largest.

Why buy from us?Here’s what we bring to the table:


We offer a quality-assured, customer satisfaction promise. That means if you’re not 100 percent satisfied with your purchase, you can call or email one of our friendly representatives to arrange a refund or return.

Mainetti is committed to having the highest level of quality in the industry. We achieve outstanding quality performance through rigorous quality systems and standards and continued investment in the production and inspection process.

Speed and flexibility

We directly control every aspect of the process, including production, quality, stockholding, shipping and delivery. Our approach means we can deliver custom orders quickly and efficiently, whatever your needs. We offer a range of color, material and design options so your clothing display hangers look truly bespoke.

Social responsibility

With offices, manufacturing plants and distribution networks in over 40 countries, we have over 6,000 people making highly skilled contributions to the global workforce. Mainetti is committed to providing safe, ethical working environments, bringing job security and income for more than four thousand employees and their families. This is evident through our “Mainetti Schools” program in China, where hazardous sites with inadequate facilities have been transformed into stimulating and enjoyable learning environments.

Environmental awareness

Mainetti's extensive reuse programs across the globe save billions of plastic hangers and accessories from landfill, minimizing our industry's impact on the environment.

Our aim is simple

Our mission is threefold: to offer the best selection, create the highest quality products and provide unrivalled customer service. Over the years, we've proven that Mainetti is a brand you can trust, but don’t take our word for it – here are some of the brands and retailers we’ve worked with over the years.



Don't ruin your clothes with cheap hangers. Buy online or get in touch today. If you have any questions, we’re just an email away.